How can a network help my innovation thrive? 

No matter how good the idea, a network to nurture, support, and promote new innovations is key to success. Nurse innovators have many opportunities to find mentorship, pitch ideas to bigger platforms, and work with peers to celebrate the highs and ameliorate the lows of entrepreneurship. 

Find inspiration and mentorship: 

It can feel isolating to give all of that little bit left after your full-time gig, using nights and days off to work on your innovation. Be sure to nourish yourself and see yourself as part of a huge and historic movement of nurse creators. Take time to find inspiration in books, articles, and participate in clubs and committees within your health care system that support nurse innovation. 

Join groups: 

Through nationwide associations like the American Nurses Association or local small business associations, attend virtually or in person to share, get, and give support and ideas. Be on the lookout for a mentor. When you’ve achieved sage wisdom, look for a mentee. 

Pitch competitions: 

Many associations and brands have begun to hold “pitch competitions” where innovators polish and practice before presenting their idea before a panel of judges. Research locally and nationally for a fit, and you might end up with a win and some more seed money! 

Give back: 

Find a way to help your community with your innovation. Your brand aligned with volunteer work and community aid is the best free advertising, not to mention the feeling of having done.

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