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About Aliya Aaron

Founder and CEO of Nursing Innovation Hub, a global technology platform developed to connect nurses with software developers to build innovative high-tech solutions for the healthcare community.

ATI and Partners Launch Consortium to Support Innovators Fighting COVID-19 and Future Pandemics

Nursing Innovation Hub (NIHUB) is a founding partner of TEXGHS Innovation Consortium, a Consortuim to support innovators fighting COVID-19 and future pandemics organized by Austin Technology Incubator. We’re supporting innovators working towards pandemic readiness, response, recovery, and resiliency. If you are an organization or startup interested in receiving support to commercialize solutions at the interface

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Innovation Partners- NIHUB and TEXGHS

NIHUB, Inc. is proud to welcome Lisa McDonald, MD, MSTC to our Board of Advisors, and announce our partnership with Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium (TEXGHS), part of The University of Austin, Austin Technology Incubator.   Together NIHUB and TEXGHS will work to support both the development of new technologies and the adaptation of

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South Florida Tech Community Coffee: “How Crisis Has Highlighted Healthcare IT”

Healthcare IT has been going through a huge transformation over the past couple decades, but the latest coronavirus pandemic has tested us all in many ways. Join our Founder, Aliya Aaron, MSHS, BSN, RN on July 7th @ 8am for an engaging conversation along with industry experts on “How Crisis Has Highlighted Healthcare IT”

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NIHUB Podcast 6/25 Thurs @ 2pm EDT! We are talking LIVE with nurse Keisha Manning on her next Billion-Dollar Tech Startup!

Stay tune for another energizing episode of the Nursing Innovation Hub (NIHUB) {{Podcast}}, Thursday  6/25 @ 2pm EDT we will chat LIVE up with Keisha Manning, registered nurse, founder and CEO of Nursesbnb‼️ Register today! ⬇️ Nursesbnb is a new innovative platform created by Keisha after realizing there was a need for housing for traveling nurses. The

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NurseLift & Healthcare Caregiver Burnout

NurseLift is looking for 10 nurses to send a 20-30 second video recording their answer to one question of the survey. Click on the link below to take the survey. The survey was created to assess the need for this intervention which can promote the health for billions of frontline caregivers across the globe. It will

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NIHUB/CTIP Clinical Insight Focus Group

It is an absolute pleasure to bring together nurses from various disciplines under one platform Nursing Innovation Hub (NIHUB) as leaders in medical technology development. Members of #NIHUB in partnership with the Consortium For Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP) along with Oratel Diagnostics, led by Dorothee Goldman collaborating to help further research and development

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CTIP Launches Nurse Collaborations & Partnerships to Advance Pediatric Medical Devices

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - March 12, 2020 - The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP) announces a new partnership with Nursing Innovation Hub, Inc. (NIHUB), an angel investor-funded healthtech startup serving as a hub to accelerate nurse-led technology and innovation. NIHUB’s mission to enable, inspire, and accelerate nurse-led technology and innovation,

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Your nurse hack may be the next great innovation. Here’s how to protect it! 

You’ve been working as a nurse for some time now. Naturally, you’ve found a way to make devices work better, patients successful at caring for themselves at home, or a great time saver on the electronic medical record.   Call it a trick or a nurse work around, but you could have a great innovation

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Find Your Tribe

How can a network help my innovation thrive?  No matter how good the idea, a network to nurture, support, and promote new innovations is key to success. Nurse innovators have many opportunities to find mentorship, pitch ideas to bigger platforms, and work with peers to celebrate the highs and ameliorate the lows of entrepreneurship.  Find

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Mobile Application Developments

Can you build an app for that? Medicine practiced in every corner of the world is waking up to the benefits of mobile applications. New access is possible for rural populations, research is finding wider and more diverse sample populations, and the ease and error prevention of storing an entire medical history in a mobile

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